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How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone?

All dog owners have one thing in common, their dogs need to go to the bathroom outside. We all have busy and hectic lives but if you are like most dog owners, you often skip out on going places because after you have worked all day, your dog is your life and you would rather spend your free time with them than go out again.

Dog is man’s best friend is no understatement and anyone who loves dogs knows just how true that statement is and can relate. However, it doesn’t mean you have to be chained to the house with them 24/7. Dog’s are perfectly fine when left home alone for certain periods but should never be left for too long or neglected.

To learn more about how long you can leave a dog home alone and how puppy dens and different dog enclosures can provide some homeowners added relief and comfort, keep reading.

What are Puppy Dens and Dog Enclosures?

Puppy dens and dog enclosures are small dog cages to large dog cages that keep your dogs and puppies safe from predators, thiefs, and running away. They can be bought in many pet supply stores but the best animal cages for puppies and dogs are typically sold online with high-quality vendors such as My Pet Cages.

Why Should You Consider Your Dog’s Bladder?

One of the most popular questions that dog owners want to know is how long can my dog go without going to the bathroom? According to the suppliers of the best dog enclosures, most dogs typically need to go to the bathroom 3-5 times a day; however, some dogs who get spoiled with someone home a lot, tend to go a lot more.

On the other hand, the time that some dogs need to go to the bathroom depends on the dog and can vary from dog to dog. It is also quite common for puppies and older dogs to need more potty breaks. Then, there’s the universal question, how long can a dog hold it?

Below are three different hold time for different stages of a dog’s life:

  1. Puppies: Most puppies need to go at least once an hour for about the first one to three months of their lives. Most dog owners recommend taking your puppy out as often as you can to get them used to the idea of going outside to go potty.

  1. Adult Dogs: Adult dogs approximately one year of age can generally hold it for about eight hours but you shouldn’t make your dog go any more than 5-6 hours.

  1. Senior Dogs: Senior dogs are a lot like little puppies and depending on the health and size of your dog, older dogs may need a potty break about every 3-4 hours.

The above time frames all depend on various factors that may include the age of your dog, health, habits, and the amount of water they drink. If you are having problems with your dog peeing too much, try limiting the times their water bowls are down.

Moreover, unless it’s hot and humid either inside puppy dens or outdoor dog enclosures, then you always want to make sure water is available. It is never a good idea or very healthy for a dog to be forced to hold their urine for too long because it can cause a tract infection, crystals, or stones in their urine.

Where to Get the Best Pet Cages For Sale Online?

The best place to get pet cages for sale online is at My Pet Cages. Here at My Pet Cages, we have a wide range of puppy dens and dog enclosures that are safe and eco-friendly for your puppies and older dogs. Our outdoor dog enclosures and puppy dens come without a floor, making potty breaks convenient for your pets.

In the end, it is always best to put the needs of your puppies and dogs before your own and to think about how often they should be made to go without being able to go to the bathroom when you are not there for them. Contact us now to get one today.