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  1. How long does it take to get my order? Currently as of July 19th, 2021 we are about 4 weeks out, prior to shipping! Sometimes we are quicker, sometimes slower, just depends on how busy we are.
  2. Do you ship to Canada? Absolutely!  We have a ton of customers in Canada!  Just email (info@mypetcages.com), call (702-683-3478), or message us and we can get you a price!!  Its not as expensive as you would think to ship to Canada (but you probably already know that!)
  3. Does the Doggie Den require any assembling? VERY EASY ASSEMBLY!! All of our Enclosures come with all panels assembled, you will just have to attach the sides to the back etc.
  4. What is the largest size for the Kitty Condos? With over 50 models, we have sizes for everyone!  And we have several models that are modular, so you can add onto them to make them as large as you would like!
  5. Do you offer a warranty for any of the animal enclosures (pet cages)? Yes (see Warranty page)
  6. Do you customize cages? Absolutely! As every order is built as it comes in, we can do things as small as different shelving, or latches, to full custom catteries, and also, if you have a specific space, we can build something to fit perfectly!!
  7. What colors are available for the doggie den or kitty condo?  All enclosures are available with the Dove Gray, OR White tubing for the framework, and the wire mesh can be powder coated in either Black or White!
  8. What is the best size den for my dog?  When your dog sits and has his or her head up straight, you should get an enclosure that gives them an extra couple of inches above their head.
  9. What is Powder Coating?  Powder coating is a very hard, smooth, baked on surface that prevents corrosion, is very aesthetically pleasing, and is very gentle on your pet's coat.  It can be bleached, or pressure washed, and works great either indoors OR outdoors!
  10. Are these easy to clean?  We have been in business for over 36 years, and our mission is to make life as easy as possible for pet owners, boarding facilities, etc.  We build our Enclosures with all of the wire and clips and screws on the OUTSIDE of the cage to make cleaning easier, or flooring is make to go all the way to the edge of the wire, to make wiping out spills and messes as easy as possible!
  11. What size is the wire?  All of our enclosures are built with .14 gauge 1 inch by 2 inch galvanized welded wire, which we then cut to size and powder coat for a nice smooth, easy to clean surface!