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How Long Would It Take for My Pet Enclosure to Ship?

As of May 31st, 2024, we are about 5 weeks out, for orders to be ready to ship. Shipping can depend on whether any customizations are required for your pet enclosures and the volume of orders we receive.

Do You Ship to Canada?

Certainly! We have plenty of customers in Canada. Just email (, call or text (702-683-3478), or message us and we can get you a quote. It's less expensive than you would think to ship to Canada (but you probably already know that!)

Does the Doggie Den Require Any Assembling?

Yes, but it is virtually effortless to assemble! All our pet enclosures come with all panels assembled. You will just have to attach the sides to the back, pop the shelves/flooring in, etc.  The only tool needed is a Phillips screwdriver!

Do You Have Large Cat Cages?

With over 50 models, we are likely to have a cat cage that meets your requirements. We also offer several modular units, so you can make your pet cage as large as you like!

Do You Offer a Warranty for your Pet Enclosures?

Yes! If you are the original purchaser and there is a manufacturer defect on a part of your enclosure, we offer a warranty for up to a year after receiving the product. For more details, visit our Warranty page.

Can You Add Customizations to Large Animal Enclosures?

Absolutely! As every product is made to order, we can do things as small as different shelving or latches to fully customized pet enclosures. We've got you covered whether you're looking for a small or large animal enclosure.

I Can't Find a Pre-Made Design That Fits My Space. Can You Build Custom Pet Enclosures?

We certainly can! Our professional animal enclosure builders can make small or large animal enclosures for virtually any commercial or residential space. Here are examples of some custom-built cages we have done in the past.

What Colors are Available for the Doggie Den or Kitty Condo Cage?

All enclosures are available with the Dove Gray or white tubing for the framework, and the wire mesh can be powder coated in either black or white!

What Is the Best Size Pet Enclosure for My Dog?

As the nation's leading animal enclosure builders since 1985, we have plenty of experience helping pet owners get the ideal pet enclosure for their dogs. A comfortable enclosure for your dog should allow them to stand on all fours with two to five inches above their head and have enough room to turn around and lie down.

What Is a Walk-In Enclosure?

Some of our large animal enclosures are built to be walk-in enclosures. These are ideal for smaller animals, such as cats, ferrets, birds, bunnies, chinchillas, etc. For example, a walk-in pet enclosure makes for a fabulous indoor or outdoor catio! Your cats can sit inside the enclosure with room for litterboxes, toys, an exercise wheel, and plenty of shelves to lay out and watch the birds. These are fantastic options for those looking to provide different forms of enrichment for their small animals.

What Is Powder Coating? 

While we are animal enclosure builders, we care very deeply about the health and safety of all animals housed in our enclosures. That is why we use a powder coating on the wiring and frames for all of our pet enclosures, instead of the rubber coated wire that some companies use. A powder coating is a hard, smooth, and baked-on surface covering that prevents corrosion while giving the pen a pleasing appearance. It also does not tug on your animal's fur, ensuring your animals will be comfortable and secure. The powder coating can also handle bleach and power-washing without falling apart and can withstand the elements if placed outside!

How Hard Is It to Clean an Enclosure for Pets From MyPetCages?

As professional animal enclosure builders for over 37 years, we always have the animals and their caretakers in mind. All of our small and large animal enclosures, cat show cages for sale, walk-in enclosures, and custom-built cages are built with wires, screw-holes, and clips on the outside of the pen to have the least amount of areas possible for dirt, fur, feces, and liquids to pile up. The floors of our enclosures are a non-porous ABS plastic sheeting that stretches to each edge to ensure easy cleanup that doesn't just seep into the cage below.

What Size Is the Wire?

Our pet enclosures are built with .14 gauge 1-inch by 2-inch galvanized welded wire, which our animal enclosure builders then cut to size and powder coat for a nice smooth, easy-to-clean surface!

Why Choose MyPetCages by Ultra Lite Over XYZ?

MyPetCages by Ultra Lite is the original vinyl tubing cage manufacturer, starting in 1985 with round PVC tubing. In 1997, we switched to square vinyl tubing, allowing for a better fit in tighter spaces. As the nation's leading animal enclosure builders, we utilize better quality materials than our competitors, like thicker wall tubing, thicker ABS plastic sheeting for our floors, etc. We use powder-coated wire instead of rubber vinyl-coated wire (which can get sticky, pull on your animals' fur, and be chewed off and ingested.) We design our pet enclosures for the animal's comfort and safety and to ease the difficulty of caring for them.

There are many reasons why humane societies, animal rescue organizations, veterinary clinics, animal rehabilitation facilities, pet stores, and more choose MyPetCages by Ultra Lite to be their animal enclosure builders. Look at our extensive selection of pet enclosures, or contact us to find the right one for your animals and needs today!