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Kitty Condo Model 490 Add-ons

If you are purchasing the Kitty Condo Model 490, then you will want to purchase a few add-ons and save on shipping(it's free shipping for all add-ons)!

This model can have the following add-on or accessories:

  • 8" stand (to get it off the floor) >>> buy now ($99.95)
  • Upgrade Floor Panel (1-4 sections AS-IS or up to 6 sections **ONLY if you add a stand) with Recessed Litter Pan >>> buy now ($25.00)
  • 1-6 Litter Pan Hole Cover(s) **ONLY if you upgraded to recessed litter pan >>> buy now ($35.00)
  • Corner shelf (plastic) >>> buy now  ($49.95)
  • Quick-lock bowl (easy release) in Dark Gray, Granite, or Black >>> buy now ($12.95)
  • "Slide-Out" vertical dividers! (must buy 3 if you want all 3 levels) ($39.95 each level) >>> buy now