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The Ultra Lite SPCA Special Model

Whether you are running a non-profit animal shelter, an animal sanctuary, or just a huge animal lover, having the proper animal shelter cages is essential for the humane treatment of animals looking for their forever homes. We are the leading cage supplier for Humane Societies, veterinary offices, and animal sanctuaries. You can rest assured that any SPCA model cage from My Pet Cages by Ultra Lite is built to last and protect small animals during travel, shows, and grooming. All our pet enclosures are made in the United States, with free shipping available to all 48 contiguous states. Read More

Features of the Ultra-Lite SPCA Special Model Cage

Lightweight Design

With three individual stacking cages reaching a height of 50 inches, the total weight of the Ultra-Lite SPCA Special Model Cage is only 40 pounds. Our animal shelter cages are built with rigid PVC square vinyl tubes, providing sturdy yet easy-to-transport enclosures for traveling.

Stackability and Portability

This SPCA model cage comprises three individual cage units, each 16 inches tall, that can stack into one tower. The ability to separate the units makes this design ideal for short-term pet store display cages and transporting small animals, whether for vacations, moving, or pet shows.

Ideal for Shelters or Homes With Limited Space

The dimensions of the three-story stacked cage are 50" H (height) x 32" W (width) x 16" (depth). This design is excellent for those looking to house small pets like ferrets, turtles, or bunnies in a home or shelter with limited floor space available for secure pet enclosures or pet store display cages.

Features of All Enclosures From My Pet Cages by Ultra Lite

The Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV) has a living document of Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters. These guidelines are an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn the best practices for caring for our furry friends. This document highlights features that pet enclosures must include for properly housing animals humanely. As the nation's leading cage supplier since 1985, you can rest assured that our ASPCA shelter cages meet the requirements and needs outlined by the ASV. 

Made for Easy Cleaning

The floors of our ASPCA shelter cages are made from non-porous materials that extend to the very edges of the frame, so there are no gaps where waste can seep through to lower cages. The wires and screw-holes of the structures are all on the outside of the pet enclosures, so dirt, feces, fur, etc., cannot get trapped in hard-to-reach spots.

Long-Lasting Design

Any animal shelter cages from My Pet Cages by Ultra Lite are made as durable as possible without breaking your budget, indoors or outdoors. Our frames are built with rust-proof and strong square PVC tubing with easy-to-assemble ABS fittings.

Additionally, the wiring for all cages is powder-coated, durable, galvanized steel welded wires. There is no rubber in the frames or wiring of our enclosures, so there is no need to fret about your furry friends potentially ingesting anything that can be chewed off. The powder-coated wiring can also be pressure-washed and bleached, and it does not tug at fur should any of the animals rub against it.

Made to Order and Customizable

Every pet enclosure is made shortly after your order is processed, allowing for any add-ons or customizations for sizing to be made when you place your order. You can choose from our pre-made designs and switch out latches and shelving, or request a total custom build to meet your needs and ensure the health and happiness of your animals.

Other Enclosures From My Pet Cages by Ultra Lite

No matter what your animal enclosure needs are, My Pet Cages by Ultra Lite has what you need. We offer a vast selection of enclosures for cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, ferrets, bunnies, and more.

Cat Condos

Whether you have one or many, our cat condos are great for indoor and outdoor safe havens for your curious cats. We have cat enclosures with separate cages ideal for animal shelter cages, pet store display cages, and separating cats in veterinary clinics and pet shows. 

Cats love to explore the outdoors, but it can be pretty dangerous to let them roam free in the streets and wilderness. With our multilevel kitty condos, you can be confident that your cats will have plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors and enough room for litter boxes, beds, and toys to keep them entertained and safe from dangers. You should also consider our walk-in enclosures if you are looking for a full-blown catio with room for a cat tree.

Doggie Dens

Although dogs have been man's companions for thousands of years, it can still be a hazard to your pup and your home to let them roam free around your home when you aren't there. Our Doggie Dens can provide you peace of mind knowing your dog is secure in a sturdy pen away from any trouble, with plenty of space to stretch, stand, and relax as needed.

Fold A Dens

Foldable cages are a fantastic option for those needing extra portability and floor space when not housing their pets. Our Fold A Dens can help you maximize your limited space at home, on the road, or in your clinic while still providing a safe and sturdy enclosure for the safety of your furry loved ones.

Contact Us for Your High-Quality SPCA Model Needs

For over 35 years, My Pet Cages by Ultra Lite has been the nation's leading supplier of animal shelter cages for:

  • Humane Societies
  • Pet Stores
  • Animal Rescues
  • Animal Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Departments of Animal Control
  • and Pet Owners Alike

We can guarantee high-quality craftsmanship and safety with pet enclosures like our Ultra Lite SPCA Special Model.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about how our cages can meet your specifications, click here to get a quote or speak to a representative.

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