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Dog Cages

Dog cages are great for training, travelling, feeding, and just to have a place to call their own!

Bringing your fluffy new friend home is an exciting time. After coming home with a handful of toys, a new leash, and a collar, you might look around your house and realize that you need to dog or puppy-proof a few things before he has free reign. Kennel training can help keep your new friend safe while they get accustomed to your house. Plus it creates a safe, secure space for your pup to stay when you aren't watching them. It could end up being life-saving to make sure there is an enclosure for your pets while you are away, as many dogs are inclined to destroy or chew on inedible objects when anxious and left alone.  Read More

All of our cages are built to be durable. The frame system is made of rust-proof ABS fittings and rigid PVC square tubing. All models are made with 1" x 2" .14 ga. Galvanized welded wire and have the option of a white or black powder-coated finish. Plus, our 1" square vinyl tubing comes in dove grey or white. The Doggie Den and the Fold-A-Dens also have the option for a stainless steel latch upgrade from our standard vinyl flipper. Our accessories are made to suit a variety of needs for each cage style.

Doggie Den Models

The different Doggie Den models available allow your furry friend to comfortably lay, stand, and turn around. We carry a variety of sizes that comfortably fit small to medium-sized pets. All of our enclosures are easy to assemble. The galvanized welded wire ensures that your pet stays safe and secure, even if they were previously an escape artist. Accessories like the Quick-Lock Bowl help prevent spillage and are easy to clean, giving your pet access to water even when you are out of the house.

Living in a house with multiple canines can be tough to manage, especially if they show behaviors such as food aggression toward other dogs, territorial aggression, and nuisance barking. Securing your dog in a custom-built cage during meal times or when you have visitors can put your mind at ease. We offer the best dog cages to help a new rescue dog or puppy to decompress after being adopted as well, giving them a safe and comfortable place to play, sleep, and more.


The Fold-A-Dens enclosure for pets is easily disassembled and reassembled for on-the-go pet owners. These single-story animal enclosures are ideal for either indoor or outdoor use. If you lack the space for a Doggie Den, consider a Fold-A-Dens model, which can easily be put into a closet or other storage space when not in use. When using a Fold-A-Dens enclosure, you can be confident that your pet is safe.

Animal rescue organizations and humane societies find a multitude of uses for our Fold-A-Dens. Most animal shelter cages cannot be brought on the go or moved when needed. Luckily, the Fold-A-Dens offer the flexibility to set up a cage wherever and whenever you need it. Each of our Fold-A-Dens can be upgraded with a stainless steel push-to-release latch to keep animals secure in times of stress, but allow easy access to staff and volunteers.

Puppy Dens

Made for litters of puppies, our Puppy Dens let you and your mother dog come and go. It's important to make sure you have a safe place for puppies as they begin to explore the world around them, and our puppy den makes socialization easy. This walk-in enclosure is invaluable for animal shelters that need to keep puppies safe and is good for animal foster parents to take home in the case of pregnant dogs.

Walk-In Enclosures

If you're interested in a walk-in enclosure but feel our Puppy Dens don't quite hit the mark, we carry a plethora of options in different sizes to best fit your needs. These are suitable for a wide variety of pets. The shelves allow pets like cats, ferrets, and birds to have multiple levels. If you are a breeder, our walk-in enclosures make for a perfect stud cage.

The walk-in enclosure model 530 features two access doors, making retrieving kittens or small animals easy. This is useful in adoption centers, as well, to help keep kittens and other small pets contained. We also offer larger models, like our walk-in enclosure model 555. With plenty of room and four shelves, it is a fantastic playpen for pets.

Show Cages

Our dog show cages are excellent choices for small dog competitions. These models are easy to transport and fit for small breed agility trials. They are perfect for any small-sized animal that needs to be transported. Our show cage model 220 can fit two cats in the benching area, and both wire color options lend a professional show quality that other show cages lack.

Animal Rescues

Rescue organizations, veterinary clinics, and humane societies find our made-in-the-USA cages easy to clean and simple to assemble. All of our indoor pet enclosures are rust-proof and can stand up to power washing and bleaching for sanitization. We are proud to make the best dog cages and indoor pet enclosures to help support animal rescue organizations, veterinarians, and humane societies in their mission to save lives.

Many of our accessories are invaluable in a shelter environment. Our easy Quick-Lock Bowls can be fitted into the cages, and our stainless steel latches make access to animals easy even in the most stressful of situations. We know you work hard to make these animals comfortable, and we offer the best dog cages and animal enclosures available to help you in your crucial work. All of our models can be cleaned with a power washer. They can also be cleaned with bleach, allowing veterinary clinics and rescues to disinfect them.


All of our cages and accessories are meant to last, and we stand behind that statement. If you need a custom pet cage, we have more information about that here. All of our cages are built per order so we can be sure that we are sending you the best dog cages, indoor pet enclosures, and accessories available.

We also have cages that are easily folded up for storage, or to put in the back of a Pickup truck, or SUV for easy transport. (Don't mind Lucy, she's falling asleep in the sun!)

And we also build cages for Puppies, that allow the mom to come and go as she pleases, and keep the puppies enclosed, until they can roam around safely.