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Custom Cages

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For those who want a custom small pet cage, we can design whatever you need, together.  These are just a few of the custom cages we have built over the years.

We specialize in pet cages for your dogs, squirrels, kitties, etc. Shop our vast collection to keep your pets safe and comfortable.  Read More

Custom-built cages are paramount to maximize space and keep animals safe when designing your enclosure for pets. A pet rescue seeking to establish forever homes for dogs, cats, and other small animals creates a more peaceful environment for potential forever families and rescued pets when cages prioritize the needs of animals. Are the enclosures spacious enough? Are there recessed litter boxes, or are feces found throughout the cage? Are cages easy to clean or caked with fecal matter, prone to food and water spills?

Custom Pet and Animal Cages and Their Benefits

As a pet rescue, Humane Society, or veterinary hospital, potential adoptive fur parents or veterinary clients will assess your establishment in many areas. One of those will be whether the facility has a clean and/or safe enclosure for pets. The animal's condition should improve once removed from vulnerable and inhumane situations. Safe and clean cages show compassion and empathy for the animals. They keep veterinary staff safe when a feral or potentially dangerous animal needs care. Overall, animal enclosure builders help to ensure care is communicated across pet rescue services, specifically with custom-built cages.

How you house the animals can affect their temperament, safety, and ability to interact more positively with adoptive parents or staff. Proper enclosures will also make for more successful facility inspections. These can be customized with interiors and exteriors to maximize the comfort of animals, and the available space within the facility. Walk-in pet enclosures, a puppy den, a kitty condo cage, or a small animal condo can all be customized. 

Customizations of a large animal enclosure allow for many placements, such as near pet doors in a home–a model can be created that allows for liberty to exit the cage as they please. Larger enclosures have multiple bench levels, are floorless, and can be helpful in breeding facilities. Further, they are fit for placement inside or outside.


Doggie and puppy dens are cozy spaces for dogs allowing for moveability, such as on a pet rescue mission. Dens can be placed in the back of a truck or SUV as they are light enough for travel. Doggie dens are sized for small to medium dogs, cats, and turtles. They are convenient if your family often travels or for emergencies.

A puppy den is large enough for human entry if you need to care for puppies without removing them. The puppy den can also house many small puppies at once, including a mother who is nursing. Dens especially keep puppies in a state of peace in new and overstimulating environments. Thus a new fur parent can utilize crates and dens alike to provide a safe and quiet reprieve from the chaos of a new environment. Placing cozy beds and toys can aid in extra relaxation. For even more functionality, fold a dens offer a range of sizes and are completely collapsible.


Mini condos on wheels are a perfect addition to a pet clinic frequented by tinier animals. A small animal condo can be sized to fit multiple animals. For instance, a three-story, single-unit stacked mini condo can accommodate three small animals in each or more in each section. Any small animal condo can be customized to fit on a stand which is not included with the mini condo model. However, a stand can be added to lift it off the ground for easier access or cleaning.

Add-ons for this model include the wheeled stand that lifts the condo off the ground 8 inches or an even larger 14-inch stand. Bowls that lock in place ensure animals don't knock over their water or food. An additional add-on is corner shelves that can be sitting space for a small animal. These add on's are essential for a pet rescue as they add more diverse options for animals to lounge about and decrease the likelihood of accidents or excessive cleaning due to spills.


Custom-built cages look different for every need, whether commercial or residential. For instance, a breeder may require a large multistory kitty condo cage or large enclosure for pets. Our intuitive animal enclosure builders can help you determine the best design for your needs. They are great for exotic animals, too, like monkeys and reptiles, or even small animals like squirrels.

A proper cage can provide expansive space so animals feel free and healthier mentally. They can be placed on wheels for ease of transport or on a sturdy non-wooden mount (as wood can absorb urine and other substances containing bacteria). We can make your cage as small or large as you need. We customize down to the finest details, from latches to shelves and space precision. Although we cannot determine construction times, we are ready to get building as soon as you order.

High-Quality Materials

Our high-quality materials are used for their durability and ease of cleaning. Our materials, from tubing to sheeting, are some of the thickest and highest quality of all cage builders. We put the safety of animals first and ensure they will not be injured by the cage's wire. Our wire is cut to size, then powder coated to cover the entire piece of wire. We don't use rubber coated wire, as it gets soft and sticky after cleaning with harsh chemicals, and will pull the animals coat. Powder Coated wire (which is similar to a hard, ceramic coating) can be bleached, or scrubbed, and remains smooth, to protect the animals coat.

The ease of cleaning is also due to the floorless design in the walk-in units; you'll have no tiny crevices to clean or feces-coated wire, which would degrade the cages quickly. However, the non-walk-in units do feature solid floors that span the entire interior, which can be easily wiped or cleaned. Cage living should be easy for animals and owners alike.

Additionally, we make replacement parts and materials accessible and transparent. Tubing, casters, kittening pan covers, litter pan covers, lock bowls, latches, wheels, clips, and screws are all replaceable. Hinges, fittings, and square tubing are also available. It's not uncommon that you purchase a high-quality investment such as a cage, condo, or den and want to know that should you need new parts, they will be easily accessible. Accessibility is often not the case, but not with us. We understand that a high-volume pet rescue or humane society can get busy and require the movement of cages and other frequent interactions with enclosures and condos that can cause pieces to need replacement parts. To see our complete list of replaceable parts and materials, find them here.

Every cage comes with a 1-year manufacturer defects warranty. Read more about warranties for custom cages here. And remember, all shipping is free to the contiguous United States of America on all cages. Love your animals with a proper custom cage for national and state compliance, their care, and comfort.

Custom 480

Custom 480, Price as Shown above $3559.95



Custom 440s, price as shown above $2499 each


Custom walk-in



 Custom for Natalie

Custom 4 feet wide, 36 inch tall with 36 inch Aluminum stand! Includes a floor in the stand for storage. Price $1895

Build a Custom Cage

If you don't see a cage that fits your needs, then let us know what you are looking for and we can probably build it. 

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FAQ about Custom Pet Cages:

Q: Do custom cages take longer to build and ship than your other models listed on your website?

A: Depends on the cage! All of our cages are build per order, so you can order a custom cage and we begin the build once your order has processed. Same for shipping, most orders are shipped within 30 business days.


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