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Custom Cages

 Build a Cage

For those who want a custom small pet cage, you can discover how to build a small animal cage from us.

We specialize in pet cages for your dogs, squirrels, kitties, etc. Shop our vast collection to keep your pets safe and comfortable.  


Custom 480

Custom 480, Price as Shown above $3299.95



Custom 440s, price as shown above $2399 each


Custom walk-in



 Custom for Natalie

Custom 4 feet wide, 36 inch tall with 36 inch Aluminum stand! Includes a floor in the stand for storage. Price $1695

Build a Custom Cage

If you don't see a cage that fits your needs, then let us know what you are looking for and we can probably build it. 

Fill out our form and we will get get back to you with any questions and a quote for your custom build.

FAQ about Custom Pet Cages:

Q: Do custom cages take longer to build and ship than your other models listed on your website?

A: Depends on the cage! All of our cages are build per order, so you can order a custom cage and we begin the build once your order has processed. Same for shipping, most orders are shipped within 30 business days.


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