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Cat Cages

These models are best suited for Cats.  Many cats enjoy having a "home base" that they can cuddle up in and be protected.  Lots of people have cages for their cats and never even close the doors!  It's a great place to keep their bedding, food, water, litter box and toys. 

Feline friends are hard-wired to love being high up, so having a safe place where your cat or kitten can go for their litter, toys, and bedding helps your pet feel less stressed. Our cat cages come in a variety of models that are all constructed out of 1" x 2".14 GA. galvanized welded wire, powder coated in black or white, with 1" square vinyl tubing and matching fittings. Each custom cage gives your feline a safe place to retreat to. We have the best cat cages for households with multiple cats, as our vertical shelves help keep the peace with plenty of space to lounge around.  Read More

Timid or frightened cats experience significant benefits from our large cat condo cage. Our kitty condos provide a haven for shy cats to retreat to when they are feeling overwhelmed. Instead of worrying about your feline friend hiding under a bed or behind furniture, you can leave your kitty condos open so your feline friend can come and go as they please. The condo becomes a safe space that contains her toys and a high-up space with shelves that calm your cat fast. Setting up your large cat condo cage near a window allows your cat to relax while enjoying the sights outside.


Veterinarians, rescue organizations, and humane societies use our made in the USA indoor pet enclosures for life-saving work. The best cat cages offer a multitude of options that benefit rescue work, and we take pride in being the leading choice among rescues, breeders, humane societies, and veterinarians. We have modular options that are built to order as large as the organization needs. We build every order as it comes in, so adjustments can be made to any custom cage you need.


Our powder coating prevents corrosion, and each custom cage is built with all the wires, clips, and screws on the outside to make cleaning easy. Models that come with floors feature thicker ABS plastic sheeting on the bottom that goes all the way to the edge of the cage. Unlike other brands, our models have the wire attached to the outside of the cage, to help make cleaning a breeze. Plus, you no longer have to deal with dirt, feces, and debris build-up in the corners, which is a common complaint with other types of cat enclosures.

Mini Condos

The Mini Condo models can be used for one or more cats to provide vertical space. These cages are perfect pet enclosures for small pets like ferrets, bunnies, and kinkajous. Our rust-resistant powder coating in black or white pairs great with home decor, making these models look wonderful in your home. Mini Condos allow access to the top shelves, allowing you to reach your furry friends whenever you need them. On top of this, our mini condos are easy to clean. Each cat condo cage is custom-built on order. Models like the Mini Condo Model 360-S come with 'litter guards' around the sides and backs of the cage, ensuring litter mess doesn't escape.


Each of the Mini Condos provides a fun, safe, and spacious environment for your pets. Rescue organizations, veterinary clinics, and humane societies can use our Mini Condos to set up comfortable play spaces for their adoptable kittens and felines, as well as give each animal an easy-to-clean, safe space to spend their time in.

Walk-in Pet Enclosures

We also have Walk-In Pet Enclosures! These spacious pet enclosures are perfect to use for outdoor "catios". Each model is built to be weatherproof and keeps your pet safe from outdoor hazards like aggressive animals and poisonous plants. These cages also prevent your furry friend from getting lost outdoors. The shelving allows you to place toys, water bowls, and cat beds within easy reach of your feline. Custom cages can be put up against a pet door to keep litter outside and allow your cat safe access to the outdoors at any time of the day.


Pet enclosures are also popular for stud cages, such as the Walk-In Enclosure 535. These are suited for indoor or outdoor use and can be helpful for those who need a large cat condo cage. Rescue organizations love our Walk-In Pet Enclosures for kitten rooms, allowing adopters to safely walk in and out of the enclosure and see all adoptable kittens clearly.

Kitty Condos

Our Kitty Condo models are the best cat cages for indoor and outdoor use. Models can be fitted with accessories to fit just about any need, including stands, Quick-Lock Bowls for easy feeding and watering, extra shelves, and litter pans. These cages span from small single-pet enclosures to large multi-cat enclosures to fit your needs. Owners looking to socialize their outdoor barn cats can use a cat condo cage to create a safe place with food, water, and bedding. Temporary outdoor caging can help socialize shy cats for those who want to transition them indoors over a period of time.


Models such as the Kitty Condo 490-K work wonderfully for kittening and for rescue organizations. Pregnant female cats enclosed in our Kitty Condos have a safe place where breeders can monitor them. Cat breeders love our "Queen Pen" Kitty Condo Models and agree our queen cages are the best cat cages for pregnant cats.


The easy-access doors allow pet owners and animal care workers to get pets in and out with more flexibility, unlike traditional kennels that often make cleaning and getting your pet out more difficult than it needs to be.


Veterinarians and humane societies benefit from the galvanized steel wire versus traditional steel door kennels. Our enclosures are much quieter than steel cages. The wire sides allow easier monitoring of at-risk animals, and the litter guards keep litter and food from being kicked out of the kennel. Since all of our enclosures are made-to-order, we can customize your order to make the best cat cages for your situation.

Need A Custom Fit?

If you have questions about our models or need a quote for a custom pet cage, contact us. We value you and will work to answer any questions you have.

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A cat will also love to be outdoors, and be able to stay safe in an enclosure.  This lets them enjoy the fresh air, play in the grass, see the birds, etc. and keep everyone safe from each other!


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Boarding facilities, Rescue organizations, Humane Societies, Veterinarians, and Breeders love our cages as well, they are very easy to clean, quiet (so the cats don't get scared), and they are easy to work with, and aesthetically pleasing.

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