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Find the Best Small Animal Cages for the Little Pets in Your Home

There are a number of reasons to consider making small pets part of your family. They are easier to care for and less demanding of your time than larger pets. They are just as cute as bigger animals and can make you just as happy. They can also be easily cared for and live inside indoor animal enclosures. Small pets come in many shapes and sizes. Are you looking at the benefits of owning and caring for smaller animals? Here are some important things to know when choosing the best small animal condo for your little pets.

Which Furry Best Friend Is Right for You?

Pets are a great source of support and companionship. If you are looking for a companion requiring less maintenance than a big animal, a small pet may be ideal. Smaller animals also require less space to live in and are less expensive to feed. Every animal is different and has its own needs. See which small pet is best for you, your lifestyle, and your home.


Rabbits are great animals for anyone looking for a little pet that is inexpensive and low maintenance. Rabbits are quick learners and learn commands. Their intelligence and trainability means it's unlikely you'll find one ruining the household furniture in your home especially since some rabbits live full-time in pet enclosures like our mini condos. Rabbits can provide companionship and comfort, which reduces stress levels and invites positivity into your life.


Unlike other small pets, squirrels are unique in their required care. Squirrels are adventurous animals that love to climb and play. If you are considering adopting a squirrel, it is important to create an enclosed space that is specialized to its needs. Because squirrels are so small, even compared to other small pets, they are capable of squeezing through openings in many types of cages that can contain other animals. For this reason, not all pet enclosures are appropriate for squirrels. A custom animal cage may be the best way to keep your squirrel safe, while providing them freedom to move around.


Like squirrels chinchillas are also active and playful animals. Due to their high level of physical activity, you may be asking yourself how much space does a chinchilla need? While the size of small animal condos varies depending on the animal, chinchillas thrive in tall cages that provide room for them to climb. Custom small animal cages are beneficial for chinchillas as they offer plenty of space for relaxing and playing in their own personal space. Since chinchillas require daily dust bathing, it is vital that indoor animal enclosures for chinchillas be properly cleaned. A clean and safe cage creates a healthy environment for your small animals, and our custom small animal cages can be tailored to the needs of owners and pets alike.


Ferrets are the perfect small animal for anyone wanting a curious and playful pet. They are sociable creatures that can create strong bonds with their owners. Because of their high intelligence, ferrets can benefit from puzzles and games, encouraging playtime and interaction with their owners. Small animal condos for ferrets should be multiple levels that allow them freedom to explore and play in their habitat. Our Mini Condo Model 320-A is a popular option for ferret owners due to its height and multiple levels that provide a happy environment for ferrets to live and play indoors and outdoors.

Dogs and Cats

Whether you prefer dogs or cats, both small animals make great pets. Cats are the ideal little pet if you have a busy lifestyle. These furry friends are known for their independence and require little attention, which isn't to say they can't be the perfect companions and stress relievers. Kittens and certain breeds need more stimulation than other cats, so giving them toys to interact with benefits them mentally and physically. Our pet condos are perfect for keeping kitties entertained while allowing them plenty of space to chill. Customize their new home with a comfy hammock bed shelf for the ultimate in kitty relaxation.

Small dogs are a popular choice as pets because of their emotional support, love, and physical affection. While bigger dogs require more energy to care for, little pups can be picked up and carried. They are also more affordable to feed, and they take up less space. That doesn't mean they shouldn't have a cool condo to call home though. A custom pet condo for your dog can give it the privacy and space it needs while also allowing you the peace of mind knowing it's safe and protected.

Owning a pet brings joy and love into your home and life. Small pets give companionship and show unconditional love in a way bigger animals can't. They also provide owners an outlet for social interaction and can give people purpose. Compared to bigger animals, little pets require less space to live in and typically easier to care for. Small animals tend to live longer than larger breeds, which allows more time to bond. We need small pets as much as they need us. Show your small pet how much it means to you by creating the best home possible.

At My Pet Cages, we offer a variety of mini condos for small animals with features including shelves, dividers, multiple levels, recessed litter pans, spray shields, and wheels. All of our cages are built in the USA and are made of galvanized welded wire, square vinyl tubing and matching fittings. And if you don't see the exact configuration you are looking for, contact us about customizing a small animal condo for your pet or creating a custom animal enclosure to your exact specifications.