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Mini Condos for Any Small Pets

Pet owners looking for the best small animal cages will love our Mini Condos. We take pride in being your premier animal enclosure builders since 1985, and still offer the best small pet enclosures you’ll find on the market. These cages are made in the USA with powder-coated 1” x2”.14 GA. galvanized welded wire. Each Mini Condo model is rust-proof and made-to-order. Each enclosure comes with wiring attached to the outside of the cage so that dirt, feces, and food can’t accumulate in the screws and the edges of the cage.


Mini Condos have various levels that can be linked by removing the recessed litter pans, depending on the model you choose. These are the best small animal cages for squirrels, chinchillas, cats, small dogs, and other small pets. Many small pets need multiple levels and an easy-to-clean large space for enrichment and their overall health. With the space available in our Mini Condos, owners with multiple small pets, such as a business of ferrets or a flock of birds, don’t need to worry about overcrowding issues. Easily-removed vertical dividers are used to separate an animal getting into tiffs with their neighbors.

Mini Model 360

The Mini Model 360 unit comes with three stories that have two dividers with recessed litter pans. The solid floor makes this cage for small animals safe, which can’t be said about wire mesh floors. We use baked-on powder coating to ensure that animals cannot chew rubber off of the wire. This unit is a favorite for animal shelter cages and boarding facilities due to how versatile and easy to clean it is. This three-story enclosure for pets has added functionality with the available accessories created specifically to help create the space you need for your furry friends.


Chinchillas flourish in tall cages with shelves that allow the chinchilla to climb. The galvanized steel wire we use is the safest cage material available for chinchillas, unlike plastic cages and accessories that allow them to chew through. Wood shavings and newspapers are easy to clean with the solid floor, without being hard on your chinchilla’s feet.

Mini Condo 320-A

A must-have for small pet owners, our Mini Condo 320-A satisfies every curious pet with tiers of shelves that they can slink up and down on all day. The stand makes this model mobile, making cleaning underneath as easy as rolling the cage to the side. The Mini Condo 320-A meets the Cat Fancier’s Association space requirements for show cats and is a great option due to its mobility.


All of our models handle bleach and other rigorous cleaning methods needed for rescue organizations and veterinary clinics. Wildlife rescues find that our pet enclosures can handle a variety of wildlife species as well, and can be thoroughly disinfected between injured animals. Our cages for squirrels, birds, and other small animals can keep a wounded, startled animal contained until they calm down. Litter guards on our animal shelter cages like the Mini Condo Model 360-S keep the mess contained. We even offer a solid back and sides for animal rescue organizations who need to create a darker, quiet place for their animals.


The best small animal cages for shelter use are ones that can be disinfected, quickly and easily. Every cage is made so that you can easily access all the parts of it to clean. As professional animal enclosure builders and animal lovers, we strive to fill the needs of the rescue community.

Small Pets

The best small animal cages and habitats rely on enrichment. For example, cages for squirrels should be tall and full of things to do, see, and play with. Ferrets benefit from hammocks, which can be clipped into the Mini Condos. Our models are large enough for enrichment wheels, toys, and boxes of all shapes and sizes.


Models like the Mini Condo Model 350 can be filled with various layers of shelves to give as much space as your pet needs. At over 6 feet tall, the Mini Condo Model 350 creates the perfect space for multiple pets. Ferrets, bunnies, and birds have plenty of space to enjoy themselves. Our solid flooring means that no pellets, wood chips, or straw falls into hard-to-reach areas.


Tubes, wood boxes, small animal houses, and other items help animals reduce their stress. Having enough room for proper enrichment is important for the quality of life that your small pet experiences. That is why you can’t settle for anything less than the best small animal cages. Giving your pets the right amount of space, the right environment, and the correct enrichment will lead to them living happy, fulfilling lives.


New pet owners should keep their pet’s needs and necessities. Food and water containers, a litter pan, and bedding are needed for most small animals. Many animals like ferrets find it easy to tip over traditional bowls, which is why we suggest Quick-Lock Bowls for pets that have a tendency to be messy. Pets will not use a litter setup they are uncomfortable with, which is why many of our cages for small animals feature a recessed litter pan option that stays in place even with the most inquisitive of small animals. Ferrets are one animal that loves pushing things in their cages around. Having the litter pan firmly in place in the cage means you won’t be cleaning up messes constantly.

Professional Quality

The best small animal cages fit the needs of your pet, but also look great in your home. Our cages have a professional finish of black or white powder-coated wiring and dove grey or white tubing. These options give you a beautiful product you can rely on, with craftsmanship we take seriously. Our shipping is free in the continental USA, and our cages for small animals and walk-in enclosures are easy to put together. All of our enclosures come with all the panels assembled, with only side attachment assembly required.

If you have any questions, contact us. We also do custom cages to fit your specifications.