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The Holiday Gift Guide — What to Know to Welcome a New Family Member This Holiday Season

With the season of giving approaching, adding a new member to the family can be a great way to celebrate the holidays. Owning an animal is a rewarding experience and can make a heartwarming gift to share with family. The holidays are a popular time to bring home a furry friend, but too often this can lead to an unprepared household that sends the animal to a shelter once it has become burdensome to the family.

That's why preparation for a new pet is so vital to the ownership process. Since many people have time off from school and work around the holidays, it's crucial to spend time researching the best enclosures for pets, finding the right foods and diets, and preparing your home to welcome this permanent member of the family. Spending quality time with your new pet after bringing them home allows more time to form strong bonds and helps them acclimate to their new surroundings.

The preparation also ensures that you're ready to care for your new furry friend for the long haul, which alleviates the pressures many animal shelters face in the weeks and months ahead. According to the ASPCA, over six million companion animals are brought to animal shelters each year. We want to make sure new pet owners are ready to make this commitment to these animals to avoid overcrowding of these important shelters after this holiday season.

How to Prepare Your Home

It's vital to ensure your new family member feels comfortable in your home during their initial transition. The best way to add a new pet to your family for the holiday season is by preparing your home before their arrival.  Inviting an animal into your home can be exciting and a little nerve-wracking, especially if it's your first experience as a pet owner. The best way to welcome a new addition to your family this holiday season and help ease their transition is by making sure you are prepared with the right products. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Cages and Mini Condos

It can be tricky introducing animals to a new home. Help them adjust by creating a safe, comfortable home for them — within your home — with one of our pet cages or mini condos. Custom animal cages allow you to design your pet's home to their specifications, establishing a welcoming and warm space for any new family member. Pet enclosures for dogs provide a private space and can also be effective when training dogs, especially ones that tend to be destructive when left alone. Cats also benefit from custom animal cages, particularly our small animal condos. Unlike dogs, cats have the natural instinct to climb and perch as high as they can reach. Providing them with their own space, whether they want to play or lounge, is critical to making them feel safe in their new home.


Welcome your new companion with accessories for their new home, like a warm and cozy pet hammock bed. Toys and games are also essential to keeping your pet physically and mentally active, while treats encourage them during training and are always a welcome surprise.

With your new pet settled in, our Sling3GO carry safe pet sling is a great way to take it on new adventures with the family. The padded harness provides comfort, support, and safety for your pet on walks, trips in the car (the safety sling attaches to seat belt restraints), or wherever life takes you. It's easy to adjust and remove as needed. 

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Time to Prepare!

Adding a new member to your family during the holiday season is a unique way to create long-lasting memories. Pets are a wonderful addition to any household as they provide companionship and unconditional love. Having the right supplies and knowing what to expect will help prepare your family and pet for life during and after the holiday season has ended. So do your research, get the best pet cages and enclosures from a reputable retailer, and make sure you have some new toys to share some joy with your new pet this year.