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What’s the Best Size Kitty Cage for My Indoor Cat

Are you looking to add a cat to your household? Or have you just acquired one and are looking for information on caring for a cat? You've come to the right place. Cats are ideal pets for anyone looking to add a low-maintenance companion to their life. If this is your first time owning a cat, here are some things to know about giving your cat a proper home.

Cat Cage Essentials

While some cat owners don't cage their feline friends, there are many benefits to offering cats a home of their own. Kitty cages are an effective way to introduce a cat to its new home. It's important to allow cats to adjust to their surroundings in their own time. Indoor enclosures help cats feel safe in their new surroundings and get used to human interaction at their own pace. If you already have a cat, adding a new feline to the mix is a delicate process. Small cat cages are beneficial to both cats as they allow them to adjust gradually to each other's scents. Deciding which cat cage is best for you and your pet is the first step to providing them with a happy and safe home.

Kitty Condo Cages

Like other small animals, cats enjoy having their own space to wander in when they need a moment for themselves. Small cat cages provide a sense of protection where they can feel safe and comfortable. Indoor enclosures for cats are beneficial for their happiness — and your furniture. Because they are natural predators, cats are playful creatures that love to jump onto tables, counters, and anywhere else they can reach. Kitty cages come in a variety of sizes with different features. Our Mini Condo Model 360 is a versatile structure and an attractive addition to any household. This cat condo cage is equipped with three shelves, two dividers, three doors, and solid floor panels. Available in black and white powder coating, this cage is the perfect shelter and indoor or outdoor play area for your cat.

Walk-in Models

Walk-in kitty cages are designed for outside or indoor use and are easy to move. Walk-in models are perfect for any owner who wants to give their cat a view of the outdoors while keeping them safe from other animals or environmental dangers. The cages are large enough to accommodate accessories and toys while providing them the freedom to roam in their personal space. The Walk-in Enclosures Model 510 weighs only 30 pounds but provides ample space for indoor cats to make themselves at home. Made from galvanized welded wire, this spacious cage will offer your cat a panoramic view of the world. Kitty cages provide a safe environment for cats to enjoy the world around them while maintaining their mental, physical, and emotional health.

Queening Pens

Pregnant cats tend to give birth to four to six kittens at a time. Queening pens provide a separate space for mothers to deliver and care for their kittens safely. During a cat's remaining weeks of pregnancy, she begins to look for a quiet and warm space to prepare for birth. Our Queen Pen Kitty Condo Model 520-K offers a safe and private space for your cat to bring new lives into the world. This-two level model features dividers — with removable litter pans — that create access to different levels in the cage. Another benefit to a queening pen is that it offers a private area for the mother to take a break from her kittens when needed.

Show Cages

As the name suggests, these cages are perfect for cat owners who show their cats and need to transport them safely and easily. But show cages can also be used for travel, crating, and outdoor playtime, as they are considerably smaller — and more portable — than mini condos. Pet Show Cages are sturdy structures that are large enough to keep your cat relaxed while contained but small enough to travel with. Traveling can be stressful for humans and felines alike. Reduce your cat's stress levels by providing a safe space to travel in. Show cages help maintain your cat's health not only while traveling but in everyday life as well. Crating benefits cats as the crate provides personal space for them to relax, nap, or find solitude. Just like people, cats need a safe space that's all their own to retreat to at times. Our Show Cage Model 220 fits the bill with its easy and quick assembly. In addition, the cage is collapsible, freeing up space at home or away. It also comes with two vertical doors, a feature any cat owner with multiple cats will appreciate. This cat cage comes in black or white with dove gray or white tubing. This single-story animal enclosure will make any cat owner's life easier and offer an inviting residence for cats.

We all need our own space sometimes, and high-quality small cat cages, like the ones we offer at My Pet Cages, give your cat a safe and secure place to relax. Small cat cages can be effective in more than one way. Not only are they easy to clean, but they also offer cats support and shelter. If you are looking for a particular home for your cat, customized pet cages can be designed to your exact specification to keep your pet safe while providing them the freedom to move around. Help your little pet feel at home with its own personal space.