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520-K w/ stand and Kitten area on both levels

390 with Solid Vertical Dividers

Multi-Level and Queening Pens

You want to keep your feline friends safe with kitty cat condos while also giving them the space to explore the world. For outdoor cats, temporary caging in outdoor cat cages is an effective and useful tool in turning an outdoor cat into an indoor cat.

A properly designed cat enclosure will give your outdoor cat access to the outdoor world and security. Depending on your cat’s needs or the number of cats you own, the cage can be a small one to a full-size cage with access to trees.  Read More

What are the benefits and uses of indoor/outdoor cat condos?

Apart from providing security to your cat, cat cages have other benefits for your pet.

  • The cage provides the cat with a space to play. Due to the sedentary lifestyle of some breeds, obesity is a common condition among cats. Providing them with an enclosed area to play allows them to exercise. You can also fit a cat wheel or ramps in your cat cage, as well as cat trees, or extra shelves.
  • An outdoor cage protects birds and wildlife. Although the outdoors can be risky for your cat, don’t forget your cat is also a predator. The cat will be thrilled to kill mice, rats, bats, and birds, leading to endangerment of at-risk species. Providing a contained space for your cat may reduce your pet's tendency to kill small animals.
  • A cat cage cuts down on veterinary bills. Outdoor cats interact with other cats on the outside, which makes for the perfect breeding ground for disease. Protecting your cat with a cage prevents diseases such as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), feline leukemia, rabies, and more. Additionally, the cage also protects your cat from the risk of injury.
  • A cat cage manages behavioral issues in your cat. Cats are territorial, so while indoor cats have learned how to get along with other animals, they prefer their own space. A cage will give your cats space to isolate themselves from other animals. Ample exercise and having some outdoor time benefits your cat’s mental health.


How big should they be?

CFA (the Cat Fanciers Association) recommends the smallest cat cage should be 30 cubic feet (4 feet x 3 feet by 30 inches fits that parameter) Our Models 310, 320 and 320-A are built to this specific size.  However, you can choose a bigger cage depending on their weight and height. The cat should be able to lie in the cage, stand up, and easily turn around. Cats love extra room. If possible, get the largest cage that will fit their cat bed, toys, litter box, and more.

What materials are they made from? Are they sturdy?

Our cat enclosures are made from 1-inch square vinyl tubing and 1x2 inch .14 gauge galvanized wire mesh, which we cut to size and powder coat. Our floors are made of one-piece ABS Plastic sheeting that can easily be removed for cleaning, with the plastic going all the way to the edges with no gaps for litter, etc. to fall through or get caught. All of the enclosures with floors include casters to easily move them around. They are very sturdy!

Enclosures with wooden frames are not recommended because the wood absorbs urine, bacteria, etc. and cannot be thoroughly cleaned or sanitized.  Also, they get very heavy!

Cages made from stainless steel are very loud and tend to frighten the animals when doors are opened and closed or moved around.  They are also very expensive and heavy to move around.

Cat condos are the best solution in providing your cat with a safe outdoor experience. Order one of our designs or customize your own unique cat cages today!

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