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Pet Squirrel Cages

While squirrels are adorable little critters, taking care of one requires a proper enclosure. In their natural habitat, squirrels are accustomed to roaming freely without confinement. This is why it's essential to secure a spacious environment for your pet squirrel to call home.

Looking for a perfect pet squirrel habitat? A squirrel cage provides just the right diameter to house your lovable and furry friend. Not only is it large, but it is also portable; meaning that you can tag your pet along wherever you go without exposing it to outdoor threats like dogs, hawks, and cats.


What Kind of Cage Does a Squirrel Need?

When selecting a cage for your squirrel, you need to factor in its size, shape, and amenities.


By nature, arboreal squirrels love to roam around and forage from tree to tree. Cages at least 3 feet wide and 4 feet deep are ideal for housing two to three adult flying-squirrels as they provide sufficient room for gliding and movement without limitation. That said, the bigger the cage, the better it can accommodate more squirrels. Just be sure that you house squirrels that grew up together to avoid aggression.

On the other hand, baby squirrels require small cages to prevent them from falling and getting hurt. You may also want to consider cushioning the cage floor with papers, hay, or old clothing.


Elongated cages are suitable for tree squirrels as they provide enough space for squirrels to climb and maneuver. Cages consisting of wire mesh are an excellent option to consider as they give your pet critter gripping support to latch onto without falling.


Squirrels love gnawing and foraging for anything they can get their paws on. A cage helps prevent a squirrel from chewing sensitive cables around your home. Not only does it help prevent costly damages but it also protects the life of your furry friend. Therefore, while purchasing a newfound home for your buddy, it is crucial to consider its amenities.

Cages bundled with chew toys are crucial for squirrels, as their incisors grow tremendously and need to be eroded through gnawing. Also, amenities, such as climbing posts, bridges, and ladders present adequate exercises for squirrels, allowing them to climb, run, and jump comfortably. These amenities help stimulate squirrels' base instincts and they also keep them entertained and stress-free.

Why Choose My Pet Cages by Ultra Lite?

Our cages are specifically designed to cater to your pet squirrel's needs. They feature multiple doors to allow easy access for all squirrels, chipmunks, and arboreal critters. We utilize various materials to produce our cages, such as metal alloys, mesh, and PVC components to further add to the cage's structural integrity. Our cages are durable and robust and they are also portable and light due to the use of metal alloys.

We also provide additional accessories to complete any nesting home with components, such as corner shelves, stand wheels, food bowls, and more.

In Summary

Caring for a squirrel requires time, effort, and dedication. To provide the best living conditions for your furry companion, or baby squirrel for sale you're looking to buy, consider purchasing squirrel cages. They are a suitable nesting ground, and they make transporting your squirrel much easier.